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Major services

Whether you are buying or selling a business, it is likely one of the most important financial transactions you’ll engage in. ATA Capital has the experience to walk buyers through strategic acquisitions and sellers through the specialized structure of completing the detailed sales transaction. We help buyers find sellers and sellers find buyers, while assisting both sides understand exit strategies, company positioning, value, and more.

When you have accurate financial assessments of your assets, you are equipped to make the important decisions for your business. ATA Capital provides business valuation services that are designed to determine the value of your company through a detailed review of facts and insightful analysis to the specifics of your industry and needs.

When you know the fair market value of your business, you can move forward with confidence, understanding the worth of your assets and making informed decisions based on that information.

Understanding your company’s quality of earnings is an important process in determining its true value. A quality of earnings analysis or report helps both buyers and sellers in the due diligence process. ATA Capital’s quality of earnings report identifies and validates adjustments to earnings (EBITDA), which leads to a data-driven market value and a more efficient transaction.  

Family-owned businesses, private equity firms, and other entrepreneurs  have a myriad of challenges when buying or selling a company. ATA Capital works with clients to overcome these obstacles. We commit the time and effort to identify clients’ needs, complexities, and opportunities to provide the appropriate service as follows:

  • Quality of Earnings
  • Business Brokering/Investment Banking
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Value Growth Advisory
  • Outsourced CFO/Controller
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Audit and Tax

With a team of skilled consultants, financial analysts, accountants, and tax professionals, we are ready to help you grow or exit, generate value, and mitigate risk.

Understanding the ATA Capital Transaction Process

The transaction process of selling a business is not a fast one – nor should it be! There are many important steps, each with its own thorough analysis and evaluation. The transaction process often takes 6-7 months, from analyzing and definite strategy to closing day. 

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